Posted by: 2thdocbob | 23 June 2016

You Can’t Spell Challenge Without Change

I enjoy the uplift I get from the posts by this blogger. This post seemed worth sharing, because you can’t spell challenge without change. In fact, challenge begins and ends with change.

The original post can be read here.


in All Seeds, Challenge, Change, Growth, Healing, Wisdom June 22, 2016

Challenge is the catalyst for change.  Sometimes it’s forced into our life by unexpected events; a sickness, a tragedy, a loss of job.  Sometimes we bring it upon ourselves with poor behaviors, poor habits, or poor thinking. 

Whatever the cause, a challenge is life’s assessment of our attitude towards change.  If you’re going through a challenging time right now, know that it has come into your life to make you stronger; to build up your character from the foundation of pain, to forge a stronger person from the heat of struggle.

Stay positive and open to change. Flow like water; willing to adjust and adapt your approach, your attitude, your goals in the face of unexpected events or barriers.

Challenge and change go hand in hand, but always remember; the hardest times produce the sweetest victories.  

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