Posted by: 2thdocbob | 3 May 2016

150 Years of Encouraging Ethical Behavior

The American Dental Association’s Code of Ethics was first developed 150 years ago. What does this mean for you, our patients?

2016 marks the 150th anniversary of The ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Conduct, which serves as the foundation for our members’ dedication to providing the highest quality care and utmost professionalism. Known as “the ADA Code,” members abide as a condition of membership, committing to high ethical standards of conduct. Much like the profession, the ADA Code has evolved throughout the past 150 years, however its fundamental purpose—putting the welfare of patients first—remains constant.

The California Dental Association also has a Code of Ethics which our members agree to uphold. These standards of conduct mean that when you see an ADA member dentist (and a CDA member dentist in California), you have the assurance that your dentist has committed each year to follow this code.

I am proud to be teaching ethics and jurisprudence to our students at Western University of Health Sciences. My goal is to help our students understand their ethical obligation to you. I am also pleased to serve on the Judicial Council of the California Dental Association. We are responsible for ethics education and enforcement for the CDA member dentists. It’s all in the name of providing you with the best dental care possible, from current and future dentists.




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