Posted by: 2thdocbob | 5 September 2015

Boycott money—A call for liberals to stand up for their beliefs

Love%20of%20Money%203I just read an opinion piece by George F. Will in the Washington Post. It rang true. It was called “Out with ‘Redskins’ — and everything else!”[1] Will slices, dices, cuts and peels the P.C. agenda with his incisive wit (no, he wasn’t advocating for Mac). But I think there are some things he left out.

First, he displays the “East Coast Bias” in calling for name changes that might be offensive to others. One sports team that is never in the discussion is Notre Dame. That’s right, the Fighting Irish. I have Irish blood, and my wife is half Irish. We are offended by the name and the stupid caricature that they use. Why hasn’t anyone spoken out against them?  Why just stop with the Washington Redskins? And what about the Aggies of Texas A&M? Isn’t Aggie an epithet for the hayseeds that once attended the school, given by the social elite (T-sippers) in Austin who attended UT? And what of the Crimson Tide? That’s a devastating algal bloom that hurts those whose depend on fish for their livelihood.

Will mentioned that religious references need to be struck from city names as well, as the liberals fear that this could offend people. Somehow he forgot the City of Angels[2]. And my current home city of San Bernardino has to go, too.

And then there’s the State of Utah. That could be construed as an offensive reference to Native Americans. They should have stuck with Deseret, as originally proposed. And California is a little iffy, as well.

Will said: “This is liberalism’s dilemma: There are so many things to be offended by, and so little time to agonize about each.”[3]

A significant area that Will missed was our money. Yes, our money could offend some people. It’s hard to imagine anyone being offended by money, but give this a moment’s attention.

Any good liberal who does not wish to be called a hypocrite, should be boycotting many common denominations of our money. Jefferson is on both the nickel and the two-dollar bill. Sorry, liberals, according to your logic, if you use those, you are tacitly condoning slavery, since Jefferson was a slaveholder. The same is true for our quarter-dollar coin and the one-dollar bill. Washington was also a slaveholder. You can’t use the dime, either. Roosevelt illegally interred thousands of Japanese-American citizens. If you use a dime, you are supporting his actions. Can’t use the twenty-dollar bill, either. Jackson was also a southern state’s-righter and a slaveholder.

So, no nickels, dimes, or quarters; no one- two- or twenty-dollar bills are permitted if you really want to be politically correct. And if you wish to be more particular, you could make a case against Alexander Hamilton on the ten, and Grant and Franklin on the fifty and one hundred. That doesn’t leave you much, dear liberals. So step it up. Be bold enough to really stand up for what you claim to believe in. If you aren’t willing to boycott money that doesn’t fit your agenda, then you are telling me that you really don’t believe what you’re saying.

In fact, since “In God we trust” is imprinted on all our money, maybe you shouldn’t use any of it. Have the courage of your convictions.

And no, substituting food stamps and vouchers for money doesn’t count.

By the way, I am offering a free service to all concerned liberals who wish to dispose of their tainted money safely.

Monopoly 50


[2] The original name of Los Angeles is “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula” (in English, “town of our lady the Queen of Angels of the little Portion”).

[3] Ibid.

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